Digital Optimisation
Digital Optimisation
  • Customer Name: Epic Developers
  • Category: CRO, SEM, Development
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Geography: India, ASIA, USA
  • Status: Active
  • Link:
  • Tags: CRO, SEM, Web, Dev

High Ticket Size Real Estate Leadership trusted by Affluent in India, USA, Singapore, Middle East

Problem Statement: Epic Developers, specializing in premium plotted developments and farm properties in Hyderabad, had a limited online presence. They needed to increase visibility, attract potential buyers, and build trust with elite clients who can afford their high-value properties. Their goal was to create a compelling digital footprint to drive traffic, generate leads, and boost sales in a competitive market. implemented targeted SEM campaigns, SEO, engaging content marketing, and a polished website redesign to build brand trust and attract affluent clients.

Outcome: The strategy led to a 140% increase in website traffic, a 160% rise in user engagement, and a 170% growth in lead generation within six months. Epic Developers saw a significant improvement in search engine rankings, leading to a 250% boost in organic search visibility. The new website design resulted in a 45% increase in average session duration and a 35% reduction in bounce rate, significantly enhancing their market presence and credibility.

Conclusion: Eightfolds digital optimization strategy transformed Epic Developers’ online presence, helping them rise from minimal visibility to a leading name in premium real estate in Hyderabad. The comprehensive approach ensured sustained growth, visibility, and lead generation, solidifying Epic Developers’ position as a trusted and prominent real estate developer.