Digital Optimisation
Digital Optimisation
  • Customer Name: India Reiki Foundation
  • Category: Development, SEM, CRO
  • Industry: Reiki Healing, Spirituality
  • Geography: India, ASIA, USA
  • Project Status: Active
  • Link:
  • Tags: CRO, SEM, SEO

Helping IRF be the Leader in Healing, Reiki and Astrology Space in India

Problem Statement: India Reiki Foundation (IRF) had minimal online presence and needed to increase visibility, attract new clients, and establish itself as a leader in healing, astrology, and Reiki in India. They faced stiff competition in the holistic healing market and required a strategic digital approach to enhance their footprint. The goal was to create a comprehensive online presence that would drive traffic, engage users, and convert them into loyal clients while building a strong brand reputation.

Eightfolds implemented targeted SEM campaigns, SEO, engaging content marketing, and a website redesign to improve user experience and conversion rates.

Outcome: The strategy resulted in a 1500% increase in website traffic, a 2300% rise in user engagement, and a 1800% growth in client acquisition within the first six months. IRF’s search engine rankings improved significantly, leading to a 3000% boost in organic search visibility. The enhanced website design contributed to a 500% increase in average session duration and a 70% reduction in bounce rate. These impressive figures established IRF as a trusted and prominent name in the field.

Conclusion: Eightfolds’s digital optimisation strategy transformed IRF’s online presence, helping them rise from scratch to become a leading name in healing, astrology, and Reiki in India. The comprehensive approach ensured sustained growth, visibility, and client engagement. This success solidified IRF’s position as a leader in holistic healing, demonstrating the effectiveness of a well-rounded digital strategy in achieving substantial and measurable results.