Technology Consulting
Technology Consulting
  • Customer Name: Zypp
  • Category: Design, Development, Apps, Website
  • Industry: Electrical Vehicle
  • Geography: India
  • Status: Finished
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  • Tags: App, Design, Web, Dev, BOT

Zypp – Electric Bike Startup: Consulting to Enabling

Problem Statement: Zypp is an innovative electric bike startup focused on providing eco-friendly last-mile delivery solutions. They offer electric scooters to local merchants and e-commerce companies, aiming to streamline delivery processes while minimizing carbon footprints.

Zypp faced the challenge of expanding its services to a broader market, including individual users, who could benefit from an on-demand electric bike service. They needed a comprehensive software solution that could facilitate user registration, payment processing, and bike usage on both mobile and web platforms. The primary goal was to enhance accessibility and user engagement, making it easy for anyone to register, pay, and use their electric bikes efficiently.

Eightfolds developed a dual-platform solution to address Zypp’s needs:
Mobile Application: A user-friendly mobile app was designed for iOS and Android. Web-Based Platform: Alongside the mobile app, a responsive web platform was created to cater to users who prefer accessing services via a desktop.

Outcome: Mobile Application: It featured a seamless sign-up process, integrated payment systems, and real-time availability checks for electric bikes. The app included GPS navigation to help users locate the nearest available scooter and track their rides.

Web-Based Platform: It mirrored the mobile experience with additional features tailored for web usage, such as detailed ride histories and advanced booking options.

Integration and Scalability: Both platforms were built with scalability in mind, using cloud infrastructure to ensure reliability and the ability to handle a growing number of users and data throughput. Integration with existing inventory and maintenance systems of Zypp was also achieved to streamline operations.

Security and Compliance: Given the nature of the service involving payments and personal data, robust security measures were implemented. These included data encryption, secure payment gateways, and compliance with local data protection regulations.

Build, Operate, and Transfer (BOT) Model

The project was structured using the Build, Operate, and Transfer (BOT) model. This approach allowed Eightfolds to not only design and develop the solution but also manage its operation initially, ensuring stability and performance. After the stabilisation period, full operational control was transferred to Zypp, empowering them to manage the system independently.

Conclusion: With the new software solution, Zypp successfully expanded its service offerings, providing a user-friendly, secure, and scalable platform for electric bike sharing. The BOT model ensured that Zypp received a fully operational and tested system, tailored to meet the evolving demands of their business and customers.